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Article 1. The Parties
This agreement is made between
1.1 Anadolu Agency (hereinafter AA) which is the sole owner of the Istanbul Photo Awards (hereinafter Contest or Photo Awards); and,
1.2 Photographer who has registered to the award and submit his/her photographs.
Article 2. Acceptance
Photographer hereby agrees the terms of this agreement by submitting his/her photographs to www.istanbulphotoawards.com.
Article 3. The Subject of The Agreement
3.1 Within the scope of this agreement, the Photographer shall submit his/her photographs to www.istanbulphotoawards.com in accordance with the terms and conditions situated in this agreement so as to participate the photography contest.
3.2 AA shall have right to use the submitted photographs of the winner photographers for promotional efforts on photobook, AA’s websites, Photo Awards’ website, magazines, newspapers, TV’s, exhibitions, mobile media and all relevant online & print PR campaigns worldwide. AA shall have right to use the submitted photographs on AA’s workshops as training material and slideshows to communicate to the public. Photographer shall accept and declare to give the right of usage of the submitted photographs and it accept not to put in a claim for using of the photographs within the scope of promoting and advertising for Contest.
3.3 The scope of use of the rights granted under this agreement is limited only to the promotion and advertisement of Contest.
Article 4. The Duration of the Agreement
This agreement shall be in force from the date of submitting of the photographs by Photographer and end (i) by the decision given by the Jury or (ii) by delivering the prices to the Photographer if Photographer wins the prize. Although the term of this agreement ends, Photographer shall accept and agree that AA shall have right to use the photographs, right of adaptation (process) , right of reproduction, right to communicate a work to public by devices enabling the transmission of signs and/or images including the digital transmission, related to the photographs and other rights designated in this
agreement without any limitation regarding location, number and content, and within the scope of promoting and advertising for Contest. AA may use the photographs, in the AA’s websites, Photo Awards’ website, photobook and in any kind of exhibitions and etc. only for promotion and advertising of Contest.
Article 5. Participation Fee
The parties agree that the application is free, no payment is required for submitting work.
Article 6. The Obligations of the Photographer
6.1 Photographer shall accept and undertake to be the copyright owner of the submitted photographs. In the contrary case, Photographer shall be liable from all kind of damages and losses that Anadolu Agency has to compensate.
6.2 Submitted photographs by Photographer shall not violate any third party rights and Anadolu Agency shall not be considered as responsible. In case of that AA is pushed to make a payment to the third parties due to the violation of their rights, Photographer shall accept, declare and undertake to compensate the all losses and damages of AA.
6.3 Photographs submitted to the Website shall contain the relevant and correct information
6.4 Photographer shall declare and undertake that submitted photographs must be taken in the year of 2017. (01.01.2017 – 31.12.2017)
6.5 Photographer shall agree that digital manipulation and any kind of photoshop effects is not allowed, only basic color corrections and crop are allowed.
6.6 All submissions shall need to have necessary information embedded into photographs IPTC like: title, description, creation date, country and city.
Article 7. The Rights of the Anadolu Agency
7.1 Photographer agrees to undertake the license non-exclusively to AA the right to use his/her photographs, within the scope of promoting and advertising for Contest.
7.2 Photographer agrees and undertakes that AA shall have right to reproduce and publish the original or copies of the photographs in any form or by any method, with all kinds of print techniques or in different formats through electronic methods, in physical or electronic media. In this regard AA may reproduce and publish the photographs as photobook and complete works in different sizes and colours. Photographer agrees that ten thousand copies of the photographs subject to printing will be printed. AA may reproduce and publish the photographs in physical media and transmit the photographs to its subscribers. Again AA, may reproduce and publish the photographs in physical media, it may also publish and reproduce the photographs temporarily or permanently pursuant to article 3 of this agreement in computer environment, DVD, VCD, CD, video (digital), means for sign and/or image transmission, including without limitation smart devices and other mobile environment where the mobile technology is used as well as known environments and other environments which are not known yet and which will provide service depending on technological developments and which are used for image transmission/transfer, replay in media already known and to be developed.
7.3 Photographer agrees that AA may distribute and publish the photographs by all physical and electronic publishing and other means such as e-book, z-book and digital book within the scope of article 3 of this agreement
7.4 Photographer agrees that AA shall have the right to communicate the photographs to the public including right to broadcast and rebroadcast through wired and wireless devices. In this context photographer agrees to undertake the licence to AA the rights to broadcast, mobile and interactive applications in all active and digital environments, the right to communicate the photographs to public by providing access to it including the right to communicate to the public and digital transmission; retransmission and search engine rights and authority and right to communicate to the public.
7.5 Within the scope of article 3, photographer, agrees that AA shall have the right and authority to exploit the photographs by adapting it to AA. In this context photographer agrees that AA shall have the authority and right to exploit the photographs as turning it into photobook, complete works and compilation. Photographer accepts that AA has the right to exploit the photographs through almanac, collection or similar ways belongs to AA.
7.6 Photographer undertakes, declares and agrees that the rights designated in this agreement that he/she undertakes to license non-exclusively to AA, are deemed to be licensed when the photographs are delivered to AA without need to conclude any other act or transaction.
7.7 Copyrights remain on the photographer, Photographer shall give Istanbul Photo Awards (Website) and AA right to use the submitted photographs with photographers credit.
Article 8. Categories and Prizes
8.1 There are 10 (ten) different categories with 3 prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Single News 1st prize winner will be nominated as Photo of the Year. Besides that, there is “Young Photographer” award. In total, there will be 31 prizes as outlined in for the winners with a total of 165,000 USD (165 thousand) prize as outlined in detail at http://istanbulphotoawards.com/SiteOduller.aspx. (Appendix 1)
8.2 Photographers shall have right to apply all 10 (ten) categories at the same time.
8.3 Photographer shall accept and know that this contest is only for professionals and Istanbul Photo Awards jury shall have right to ask him/her for proofs about the source of the photo or publications on newspapers, magazines or web sites.
Article 9. Limits
Photographers can apply all “categories” with maximum number of limits. Although it is not mandatory and a photographer can apply with only one photograph to a single category,
Article 10. Calendar
Call for Entries:
01 November 2017 – 31 January 2018
Application deadline is January 31, 2018, at 00:00 UTC+3.
Announcement of winners:
March - April 2018
AA shall reserve its right to (i) change the dates of the contest or cancel the contest without giving any notice and cause to the Photographer.
Article 10. Termination
AA shall have right to terminate this agreement anytime without giving any reason and notice.
Article 11. Website Terms of Use
11.1 All content in this Website is protected by international and national copyright law.
11.2 All Photographs displayed in this website belongs to the copyright owners.
11.3 Istanbul Photo Awards or Anadolu Agency cannot be held responsible by third parties, because of the damages arising from the photographs on this site.
11.4 No harmful program, virus, trojan, etc. must be uploaded to the website.
11.5 Istanbul Photo Awards is a registered trademark of Anadolu Agency, Turkey.
Article 12. Process
12.1 All submissions will be carefully evaluated in 2 (two) phases by the jury of Istanbul Photo Awards.
12.2 In the first phase, AA jury shall evaluate and check all the submitted photographs for the following aspects:
o Quality,
o Technical adequacy,
o Correct IPTC information,
o Authentication of the photograph.
Although AA checks all the information so as to learn whether they are accurate or not with its own means, AA shall not accept any liability with regard to the accuracy of the information provided by Photographer.
12.3 In the second phase, Internationally known jury shall evaluate all passed submissions and select the winning photographs.
12.4 Photographer shall not have any right to make an objection to the decisions given by the Jury.
12.5 If Photographer shall obtain an award from the Jury, the related prize shall be paid to the bank account given by the Photographer in 180 days.
Article 13. Applicable Law And Court of Competent Jurisdiction
13.1 This agreement shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the Turkish Law.
13.2 The parties irrevocably agree that the courts and enforcement offices of Ankara (TURKEY) are to have exclusive jurisdiction for the purpose of hearing and determining any suit, action or proceedings and/or to settle any disputes arising out of or in any way relating to this agreement.
"Photo of the Year" is chosen among the 1st prize
winners of all categories and the laureate receives 10.000 USD in total.
10,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
8,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD
3,000 USD
* Under 28 years old
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